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© 2008 - Conception et réalisation : Kréaphoïdes
Double play

…where the masculine argues with the feminine in a clever, heated exchange which does not leave the spectator unscathed. As, in this clinch, even
the canvas’s surface blooms here and there, like so many miscarried flowers, streaked petals, torn dragonfly wings, marked flesh, bluish fading, animated by
a new blood which flows  from one motif to another.
Miniature made monumental where fine detail is measured in this space, which is distended and kneaded like some kind of time dough, deformed and blown up out of proportion, dismantled, but never destroyed, just patiently put together again, bit by bit.
Sculpting – either by adding or masking, masking or superposing, either superposing or covering the pictorial space…
Fixing and energizing these dynamics, freed close to the weft, blowing untainted air into its chinks, lifting the motifs so as to hurl them more appropriately to this elsewhere that only the onlooker can identify.
The latter, tested by the creation’s vicissitudes, but transformed by all this roving, is now better equipped to venture unafraid into this pictorial universe.

Novembre 2006                                             Jeanne Nelken-Mamontoff

Somewhere over the shadows…

Dreamlike architecture created by a mad dreamer, the inner space
that Virginie Lepoutre Vandernotte paints, refers more to the secret alchemy
of english gardens than to the symmetrical and redundant formal gardens.
Nevertheless, once you have passed over the moment of the colored dazzler
and of the visual discomfort related to the swarming, one cannot but notice
that Virginie’s subtle attempt to lose the viewer, turns out to be very effective.
What appears behind those many strange touches of colours is visible only
if concealed.
Sharper, the nudes bring a straighter answer to the abstraction that Virginie claims.
Obviously, what Virginie wants to show us, while persisting in roaming around the subject, is her infighting with the art of painting.

Mars 2007                                             Jeanne Nelken-Mamontoff


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